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Patents are first and foremost, legal documents, but they are also used as marketing, sales and business assets to growing companies. The multiple uses of patent applications by growing companies makes it more important than ever to invest in hiring top notch patent lawyers. Hiring top quality patent lawyers near the PTO in Alexandria, Virginia additionally offers the advantage of personal, face-to-face contact between the patent lawyers and the patent examiners which saves the patent owners time and money in an otherwise slow, complicated and time consuming process.

Likewise, it is also best to go directly to patent lawyers in Alexandria, Virginia and avoid invention marketing companies. Going to invention marketing companies takes the control of choosing the right patent lawyers out of the inventors hands. It is important that inventors have the ability to choose the best patent lawyer for them as they work closely together through the patent process. Invention marketing companies may also not have the inventor's best interests in mind.

A patent is the property right given by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office (part of the Department of Commerce) to an inventor to exclude others from making using or selling their invention. The US patent system fosters innovation by allowing inventors and patent owners to recoup their development costs by giving them legal monopoly for a limited in amount of time, namely 20 years from date of filing. In return for the legal monopoly, inventors and patent owners must disclose an "enabled" invention that a skilled person could reproduce based on reading their patent application. Not properly "enabling" a patent application is a common mistake that can be avoided by hiring patent lawyers.

The patent process is not simple. Often patent lawyers need to argue scientific and legal principles before trained government professionals and clearly explain to why your invention is different from other products already in the market. Patent applications rarely get accepted on the first office action. The role of patent lawyers is to work with the patent examiners and arrive at mutually agreeable language that accurately describes the invention and distinguishes it from other patents.

The patent lawyer makes an inquiry about the invention or idea and then conducts a search whether a patent has already been issued for a product or service similar in characteristics. It is only after a complete and thorough inquiry that the patent lawyer advocates the case for the issuing of a patent.

How do I register for a patent? Top quality patent lawyers all file for a patent application electronically, by using EFS, the USPTO's electronic filing system for patent applications which saves clients a lot of time and money. The various types of patent applications are: provisional patent applications, non-provisional patent applications, design patents and plant patents.

Patent lawyers make the complicated, time consuming, and tiresome process of getting a patent simple and trouble-free. Hiring top quality patents lawyers can propel your company to success and save you frustration and money on the way.

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